Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year! It's crazy to think that 2014 is over and it's also crazy to think that the whole year of 2014 I was a missionary and that for one whole year I had the best job ever of helping others come unto Christ and in the process- experiencing true conversion myself and coming to know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ personally. Out of all the years of my life, 2014 has definitely been the most memorable, most special, and the time in my life that I've experienced the most growth and change. I will remember it and treasure it forever. This January 2015 is my last full month of being a missionary so I'm just going to keep working hard and finish strong. Thank you so much to each and everyone of you for your love and support!

It's been a great week and Christmas was wonderful and amazing and special. We went around to the houses of some of our members who didn't have the means to have "Christmas" so we brought Christmas to them and sang Christmas songs and had lots of fun. I gave away a lot of pictures of Christ and everyone really loved them so thank you so much for sending those.

I told Sister Linao I wanted to have a Filipino Christmas this year. It was fun and I told her to do every single possible Filipino tradition we could. I just want to live like a Filipina for these last 2 months- eating as much dried fish as possible and everything else that comes with being a Filipina.

Last night we had a zone activity and we watched Rio 2 and Wreck it Ralph at the church in Dumaguete. Then we stayed the night at the Dumaguete sisters apartment with the Siquijor sisters there as well. Then this AM at 5 we walked to the boardwalk and watched the first sunrise of 2015 and it was a really special experience and something I'll always remember. Time is just flying by.

Bacong is still doing great and they are taking good care of me and loving me like I am actually part of their families. They are already planning my farewell party. I love them. I love it here.

Investigators are all still doing great and progressing- we committed Maya to baptism and every lesson we teach her I can just see light radiating from her and coming into her eyes. It's amazing.

I am out of time but I want you all to know how much I love you and how blessed I am to be here on my mission and blessed I am to have each of you in my life. 

Have a great week :)

Love, Sister Harris
Merry Christmas look closely can you see me?
2014-12-24 03.57.59

2014-12-24 03.58.54

New Years Eve party

Christmas in the Mission

Christmas Decorating

Marlout cute membber

Decorating the house


More Lights

Dumaguete New Years Eve Party


First Sunrise of 2015

Maya an investigator

Sister Linao & me

Elves and Sisters

Recent Converts Edgar and Ailene

Sister Guia braided my hair

Sunrise on the boardwalk

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