Tuesday, January 6, 2015

happy wednesday‏

I am short on time but I love you all so much! Thank you for all the emails!

This week has been great. We are in the last week of the transfer. Next week I start the last transfer of my mission. Once again, time is flying. Next week you will all know if I am staying in Bacong for my last transfer or if it is the will of the Lord that I finish my mission somewhere else. It wouldn't be a normal week before transfers if there weren't some out-of-the-ordinary things that happened. Let me explain...

  • Maya (our golden investigator) went on vacation so we haven't seen her at all this week but she is home daw so we will try and visit her later tonight.
  • Did I ever tell you guys about the time a few weeks ago that one of Sister Linao's shoes got stolen by a dog during one of our lessons? Well this week, we found her stolen shoe. I was joking with her that she wouldn't find it until after her mission because her Prince Charming took it...but we found it!
  • We did a CSP for the Guia's and we pulled weeds. Except I wasn't prepared and so I just wore my skirt. I like to call this: "Princess service" haha.
Yesterday we were really punted, it wasn't even 2pm and we were punted from every single appointment we had planned for the day. It was a really interesting day but we somehow ended up still having 5 lessons and talking to a ton of new people. At the end of the day Sister Linao looked at each other like, "How did this even happen?! We were punted all day!" But something I've learned on my mission is that miracles are happening every single moment. Sometimes I am so caught up in little things that I fail to recognize the hand of the Lord working right in front of my face. It is my hope and prayer this week that each of us can recognize the Lord working little miracles every day in our lives. Whatever those little miracles are. If we look for them, they will be there!
Love you all. Have a great week :)

Love, Sister Harris
:( #ihategoodbyes
Bye Bye Marlout

Pathway out of the city

Pathway towards the beach

Palm trees

Little Forest

Another pathway

Beautiful day

Beautiful Picture

Fish heads and bones from breakfast

Guia family

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