Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Maayong Pasko‏

It's Christmas :) Merry Christmas to all of you my dear family and friends! Christmas is in full swing here in the Philippines (but it's been that way since about September haha...) basta even though there's no snow or no need for hot chocolate because it's so HOT, we've been singing Christmas songs in every lesson for the past 3 days and everyone's lights and decorations are out so it's starting to feel more like Christmas here!
Let me just share with you a few Christmas miracles that have happened this week in Bacong.
The first one is that my companion and I survived a 4 day long confinement inside the house because we were sick. Our mission nurse likes to call it the "Siquijor Virus". It started with the sisters on Siquijor and then all of the sisters in my zone were sick this week. No worries though, we're all fine now and we're having a zone activity this afternoon with the senior couple the Henrichsen's for Christmas! 
Another Christmas miracle is that last night I didn't just de-bone and eat a fish...but I de-boned and ate a PREGNANT fish! I thought I'd tried just about everything I could eat in the Philippines except for dog, but I was wrong! We were at a dinner appointment last night and I'm just eating the fish like usual, so you can imagine my surprise when I found 2 huge long sacks of eggs inside the fish! I thought my heart was going to come right out of my chest, it kinda scared me haha but I ate it and it wasn't that bad and it's another thing I can add to the list of things I've eaten on my mission.
The last but not least and definitely the best Christmas miracle of the week is that we have a super elect new investigator that we just found a few days ago. Our recent convert Michelle just moved into a new apartment a few weeks ago, we thought she was the only person living in the apartment because every time we've gone to visit her she's been the only one there. But we were wrong. Here's what happened.
We went to visit Michelle this week and she wasn't there. Just as we were walking away from the apartment, this lady comes outside the house and shouts at us to come back. It was another person who lives at the apartment. Her name is Maya (yes just like my cousin Maya). Ever since we have been visiting Michelle at her new apartment, Maya has been listening but hiding and so we hadn't ever seen her or noticed her before. She stole some of Michelle's Liahona magazines and a "Strength of Youth" pamphlet and has been doing some investigating of the church on her own without anyone knowing. We taught her and we were there for about an hour and we taught the whole first lesson (here in the Cebu Mission we don't teach full lessons in one setting, we just teach one or two concepts so that they really understand so this is big) because she was so prepared and just wanted to know EVERYTHING. She's actually engaged but we haven't met her fiancee yet. But she cried when we testified to her about eternal families. Actually she kind of cried throughout the whole lesson as the things we were telling her were specific answers to questions she has had for years.
Since we visited her, Maya has been reading the Book of Mormon and our recent convert Michelle has been being a good member missionary and they've been praying together every night. 
I just love my mission so much and I'm so thankful to be here in the Philippines this Christmas. I hope you all count your blessings this Christmas and share every single blessing and gift that you can. "Share the Gift" or in Cebuano "Ipakigbahin ang Gasa" because CHRIST is the gift and the true reason for the season. The best gifts we can receive aren't the ones we can buy but the ones that we can truly share from the heart. I know every single one of you have a testimony and just imagine how much your testimony can grow through sharing it with others. Everyone needs a little love, especially around Christmas!
I love you all with all of my heart and hope you have the best time ever celebrating our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the next few days.
Love, Sister Joslyn Harris
Beautiful day in Bacong

Fresh green banana's

Coke in a bag

Guia Family

I ate a pregnant fish roe (eggs) and all

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