Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Labangon Week 5 (No Pics)

Hello family and friends!! Kamusta mo?! I am so sorry I feel like the worst missionary in the world because my SD card is not letting me send pictures for the second week in a row! So now the pressure is on to send a great email because I have no pictures!! I week there will be pictures! Bear with me here :)

It has been a really great week. I can't believe we are already at the end of the transfer and transfer calls are coming Monday! Time flies SO fast!

We heard there was a typhoon coming our way and so we were expecting the worst, with what happened during typhoon Yolanda last year. However, we were blessed here in Cebu to just experience a few rainstorms and no damage. It's such a blessing for these people...I don't think they could handle another typhoon like Yolanda! The Lord truly does protect us and as I've read the emails of my missionary friends serving in areas affected by the typhoon, it makes me happy to know that they are safe and their areas are recovering.

Is it just me or does my English not make sense? English is getting quite hard for me these days! Especially when you have a companion that is a native Tagalog don't really speak English. :) However, this week I heard my companion bear her testimony for the first time in English...we have really been working on that this transfer. When she started speaking in English it made me cry! She really is a great missionary and has grown so much this transfer. I will always be friends with Sister De Jesus. I love her. I have grown so much this transfer and even though I am her nanay (mom- I finished her training) I feel like the anak (child- trainee) because she has taught me so much.

Are you wondering how my ward choir performance went? Well, we pulled it off last minute. We scheduled a practice for 11:30 (church here starts at 1:30) but nobody showed up at true Filipino fashion they all showed up at 12:45 but we wer able to practice a few times and somehow pulled it off. You guys would've laughed so hard at me leading the music with my hymnbook and stand. :) I had them perform "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" to the tune of "Israel, Israel God is Calling" and the members were so amazed and confused at the same time haha.

This is easily the most success I have seen my entire mission. I have been blessed in every area but it just seems like Labangon is overflowing with success...we have 7 baptisms planned in the next 2 months, and this last week we had a whopping 32 lessons! The people here are so prepared to hear the gospel and it makes being a missionary so fun.

Two weeks ago we were given a referral from the elders in a nearby area...we found the house and the mom, Lourdes, is a less-active from Talisay (her husband died). Her two children, Aiko (girl) and Peter (boy) are 17 and 13 years old and are the most elect two people I have met and taught on my mission. During our second visit with them on Saturday, they committed to baptism! We have such a focus on "Finding the Elect" in the Cebu mission and I can say that Sister De Jesus and I just found two super elect children of our Heavenly Father. They have been going to church ever since we started teaching them and the ward loves their family.

We had a really great FHE Monday night with the Posadas' family. We have a set appointment with them every Monday night and we have FHE and they always feed us too. Their son Aaron is an RM from the Quezon City Mission and he gave a great lesson about missionary work and showed a video about a missionary named Tyler Haws who served with him and was a basketball player at BYU and sacrificed his career to serve a mission. It just made me realize how no matter what we leave at home, we gain ten-fold through our service as missionaries. I love my mission.

We are headed to a zone activity at the church and I'm not sure exactly what the zone leaders have planned, so it should be an adventure. Thanks for your patience with me and my photo problems. :) I sure love you all and am blessed so much to have the greatest family and friends ever. Make it a great week!

Love, Sister Joslyn Harris

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