Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Labangon Week 4‏ (boo hoo no pics)

Wow it's easily been the fastest 4 weeks of my life and the fastest transfer of my mission!! But it's been a really great week with a lot of successes and funny stories...get ready!

First of all, I just want to thank my family for yet another package that I got this week! Thank you! I also got a ton of letters from all of you wonderful people, glad to know that I am still remembered back home :)

Well at the beginning of the week we received a referral from some elders in our zone. It was for a less active and her family who are all investigators. We decided to go visit them, and they are all so great and super elect! As missionaries of course we don't have a pay day, but this was like a pay day for me to find a less active whose only reason for not going to church was because she was shy, and her children who are of baptizing age who have been prepared since birth to receive the gospel. Miracles! Our visit was on Saturday and they came to church on Sunday. They are really great.

I finished the Book of Mormon on Sunday for the first time on my mission. That was fun! I started it my first day in the MTC and have been reading it every day since then. It's amazing to see how many blessings have come into my life through reading the Book of Mormon...and even greater to see investigators and less actives develop their own testimonies of this great book.

Well a lot of things have changed about me since my mission but there is one thing that hasn't changed and that is my musical talents...I still have none. However, Labangon Ward is convinced I know a thing or two about music because they asked me to direct the ward choir for next week's ward conference. Yes, I am directing a choir! I got to pick the song and I even have an automatic piano which is helpful. I'll let you know how the performance goes. Guess I'm being prepared for all sorts of callings when I get home ;)

We've been bombarded with wonderful kind and loving members who want to feed us this week. I've never been so full in my life! Two family home evenings and three dinner appointments last week....that's a record for my mission.

All of our investigators are doing great and are continuing to progress. I ran into a member from CarCar here just walking down the street the other day, and she has permanently moved here to live here for school, and she lives with her non-member sister who we are going to teach later on this week. The Lord truly knows each of us and puts people in our path right when we need them!

Well that's about it for this week. Thanks for the continued love and support from home. I hope you are all enjoying your summer and not forgetting to do your member missionary work!

Love, Sister Joslyn Harris
1.   I have not had a hot shower since leaving the MTC.  Yes, I still use a bucket and a ladle for my shower each day, I have not been in an apartment as of yet that has hot water.  I miss baths & my long, hot Bath & Body Works bubble baths!  :(
2.  Yes, I exercise each morning...if you wanna call it exercise. :)  I do some stretches each morning but it is so hot that I don't full out exercise...I would die.  HA!  :)  I walk everywhere so I am getting good exercise. 
3.  Everyday, Filipinos are smiling.  They are happy,and they love life, even though their lives are hard.  They have taught me what true happiness truly is.  I LOVE so much!!
4.  There are a lot of missionaries who get sick here...When I was so sick a few weeks ago, there was a bad virus that went around and a lot of missionaries got it.  Lucky me!  Bleh!  I am feeling much better and I try hard to take care of myself so I will be healthy.
5.  For the most part everyone is nice to us, but there are occasionally people who just don't like the missionaries, but I am fluent in Cebuano now, and so I kindly just put them in their place.  They can't believe a white, American girl no less, can speak fluent Cebuano and then they pretty much just quit talking and saying rude things.  :)   I always try to show respect to them. 
6.  When first arriving here in Cebu, I almost couldn't breathe because of the heat....I mean I can't even explain the takes your breath away, and it made me feel stuff all the time until I kinda got used to it...not sure if I am used to it, but I deal with it.  It's gross hot, it's usually around 85-95' with 90-95' humidity so yes...I feel like I am melting.  I wipe my face constantly and get the sweat off.  It has wreaked havoc on my skin and my complexion, but I am surviving.  Typhoon season is here so we are getting a lot of rain...but it's still so HOT! 

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