Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Labangon Week 3

Kamusta man mo? I hope you all had a wonderful week at home! I'm so excited to tell you all about my week!

First of all, thanks to my wonderful family for the 2 packages I got this past week! I hear there is a third one on the way? You guys spoil me way too much! Sister De Jesus loved the sour patch kids :)

Thanks to everyone who emailed me and warned me to stay safe on the 4th of July. No worries, the 4th of July is American Independence Day...a.k.a. they don't celebrate it in the Philippines haha. But I did wear red white and blue and made American spaghetti and chocolate chip cookies to celebrate. Definitely the most unconventional 4th I'll probably ever have, but definitely memorable!

Have I told you guys about my adorable investigator Elsie? She's the Filipina grandma who we've been teaching. She's from Manila so she speaks mostly Tagalog and a little English to us. I LOVE HER!!! She's going to be getting baptized in August. Our lessons are hilarious because it gives me a chance to practice the little Tagalog I know and not be judged haha

Our recent convert Mario is getting ready to go to Mindinao to find his wife who he separated from 20 years ago, and he is convinced to convert her and then they will get married in the Cebu temple next year. He gave the prayer during sunday school on Sunday, and it was seriously 10 minutes long and he gave an entire recap of the lesson we taught him Saturday haha. I'm just glad he remembered!

Monday, our zone had interviews with President McCurdy. Oh my goodness I can't even tell you guys how much I love the McCurdy's! President gave a workshop, but he told us that if we didn't remember anything from his workshop, we just needed to remember that we were loved! President LOVES baseball, and Sister McCurdy loves baking...they are just like my American parents here in Cebu!

The best surprise happened yesterday! I got a phone call from Leilani Lopez saying that her and her family were in Cebu visiting after they picked up Kenrick from Iloilo. What are the chances?! Because my mission president is so nice and gave them permission, we met up at McDonald's and had some ice cream cones and took some pictures. I loved talking to Leilani's husband in Cebuano. It's great to know how many friends I've made from this mission, even before my mission when I met them and we had dinner at their house. Such wonderful people!

I feel so blessed, I am the luckiest missionary ever because I have the best family, friends, and support system through this mission. Today marks 9 months in the Philippines, and next month I'll have been out a year! Time flies but it's the best time in my life. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Have a wonderful week everyone and remember I love you!

Love, Sister Joslyn Harris
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