Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Labangon Week 2‏

Besides the fact that it was my second week in Labangon, this week has been full of "firsts"!

...first week of President and Sister McCurdy in the Cebu Mission...
...first time eating REAL CHEDDAR CHEESE in the Philippines (the grocery store here has everything!)...
...first time watching a member open a mission call...
...the first of July was yesterday, Happy Birthday uncle Brandon!...

Saturday night we went with the youth in Labangon Ward and 2 of our investigators to the temple complex for a musical farewell fireside for President and Sister Schmutz. It was a really wonderful program put on by the Dumaguete Stake Choir, and their costumes and voices were beautiful!! Our members and investigators loved the program, and it was fun seeing other members and missionaries from my past areas.

Sunday after church we got to watch Elder Pizarra (member here in Labangon) open his mission call! He has been called to serve in the New Jersey Morristown Mission! I am so excited for him to come to my home country, and he is so excited to see some snow! I loved watching him open his mission call, it reminded me of when I opened my mission call and the feelings of pure excitement and nervousness I had at that time...and look where I am now! It's been the fastest 11 months of my life!

Sister De Jesus lost her umbrella last week on a tricycle and we were pretty sure that she'd never see it again, since there are sooo many tricycles here and how were we ever supposed to track down that one tricycle? Well at the end of the day, we were taking a tricycle home, and it happened to be the tricycle that she left her umbrella on! What are the chances!! I made sure to take her picture with the driver and we celebrated with ice cream after.

We have this really funny recent convert, Mario, the one I talked about a little bit last week...well he ran out of room in his notebook to take notes while he studied the Book of Mormon, so he just tore apart a cardboard box and used that for his notes! :) We made sure to get him a new notebook. :) He is moving back to find his long lost wife this week. We'll miss him.

I haven't been able to work for a few days because I have been sick since Sunday, but don't worry because I am feeling much better now and we are going to get right back to work tomorrow, so next week I'll have more updates on the area and our lovely investigators! We already have a family who has invited us to their FHE next week, and the phone has been flooded with texts from our investigators and members telling me they hope I feel better soon, they are taking good care of me and my companion even did my laundry this morning because she's a sweetheart!

Have a great week! Thank you for your love and support always :) Keep going strong and STAY CLOSE to Heavenly Father...he will never fail you or leave you alone!

Love, Sister Joslyn Harris

-the picture is me and Sister De Jesus :)

My Companion

Aren't we cute?

I found real cheddar cheese



Sister Companion Sister De Jesus

This is my fav of us

The youth in the ward

Young Women in the ward

My Desk

The Youth again

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