Monday, June 30, 2014

Feelings about my mission / 10 month mark!

This is Jana, Joslyn's mom, and I wanted to just share a few of Joslyn's thoughts regarding her mission and how much she has changed & grown.  Makes this mama proud! 

"I just finished reading an article in this month's Liahona magazine called "The Trials & Blessings".  As I was reading it, I had this realization come to me about my mission, and the challenges I have had here.  I think the reason it's been hard is because my furture is not going to be easy.  The mission is preparing me to face challenges as a wife, and a mom in these last days.  I saw a picture of a little girl and was brought back to my childhood days when I too, rocked the bangs look and wasn't the most appreciative or kind little girl.  I know I wasn't easy.  I wonder if I will have a little girl who looks like this?  I think I will.  I also feel like I am going to get what I gave you all those years ago.  :) 

Mom, asked me on Mother's Day skype if I would ever want to come back home and leave the Philippines...If you want an honest answer, yes if I was being selfish I would never want to come home. However, the unselfish side of is so happy that I never have to raise a family in a third world country, in the conditions that I teach in every single day.  I don't think anyone should have to live the way these people live.  These people desire so much more and they sure deserve their mansions in heaven, However, they understand that life is worth so much more than that.  My mission went so SLOW at first, but now it is soaring by.  This is when I realized that I am purely blissfully, 100% content and happy with my life the way it is.  My mission isn't going slow anymore, and this makes me realize that before I know it, my time here will be over. 

The hardest thing I'll ever have to do is leave this country and these people who have become my family and whole life.  It will be so much harder to take this nametag off than it was to say goodbye to my old life before the mission.  I don't want to stop changing and growing.  I NEVER want to stop serving my Heavenly Father. 

I realize that in 8 months time, I am going to have to leave the Philippines, but his misison will always be a part of me.  I won't be able to see Jenn & Rico be sealed in the temple, or Jacinta's kids go on missions, and I won't be able to do lunch with Sister Minguez, or visit Sister Domingo over Spring Break.  Someday, I am going to probably forget this language that I have worked so darn hard to learn, and I am going to go back to a life that was pretty similar to the life I was living before my mission.  Except....everything will be different!  Because I can honestly say I am 100% converted to this gospel.  That is why I am happy, My eyes glow!  My smile is brighter!  I am a daughter of God!   When that times come in February of 2015, I am going to be scared of the girl I'll be without my mission nametag and without this calling, but I'll be brave.  I'll be ready.  This is how I feel about my mission mom.  Thank you for all your support & love and tell everyone I love them! 
xo Sister Joslyn Harris

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