Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Labangon Week 1

Hello everyone!! 

I'm so excited to email this week but I'm so sorry that I can't send pictures!! I'll be buying a new sd card today, so no worries I'll have plenty of pictures to make up for it next week! 

Transfers went great and I am now here in Labangon with Sister De Jesus! She is from Urdaneta and she is a native Tagalog speaker. She is also a recent convert of just 2 years! I am follow up training her. She is amazing, darling, and we are having a lot of fun here together.

Labangon is in downtown Cebu City. It reminds me of the suburbs of downtown SLC. Our area also goes into the mountains, so when we go teach the people there, we can look down over the city and see all of the lights and buildings. It is really great. I feel right at home. Labangon Ward is really great too. The people here are just as kind and welcoming as ever!

We have the cutest investigator named Elsi. She is in her 60's, and is from Luzon, so we teach her in Tagalog and English. She is always baking goodies like cupcakes and cookies. She is getting baptized in August so I should hopefully still be here for that.
We also have a recent convert named Mario who is actually moving back to his hometown in Mindanao to find his wife who he is separated from to share the gospel with her. Kinda sweet...? :)

I'm sorry I'm short on time this week but just know that I am doing well and I will send pictures and more updates next week. I love you all so much. Stay safe and know I'm praying for you everyday! 

Love, Sister Joslyn Harris

No pictures this week SD card is bad.

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