Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Toledo Week 15...I'm outta here!‏

This city girl is finally going to the city! I got the transfer call Monday that I'm going to be transferring to Labangon tomorrow. It's right in the heart of Cebu City. I will be follow up training a Filipina sister named Sister De Jesus. I don't know much about my area or my companion, but I have peace that this is exactly where the Lord needs me.

Sister Domingo was quite surprised when she got the transfer call that she's going to be training here in Toledo! But I know she's going to be so great. Sister Dustin is coming with me to Central Zone, she'll be in the area next to mine so I'm excited I'll still get to see her.

It's a bittersweet feeling though to have to leave Toledo, and all of the people who have become part of my family the past 15 weeks that I've been here. The past few days have been very emotional as I've had to teach my last lessons to these incredible people. Monday night we had two families invite us to participate in their FHE's. The Tarongoy family, and LinnLinn and her cute kids. Then yesterday, every single appointment we went to had prepared some sort of meal or snack for me. I finally lost it when we went to teach Sam and Yves and Jehan for the last time. I love them so much!! Sam sang me a song, and Yves' mom prepared pancit (my favorite Filipino food) for me. Tonight there is a farewell party at the church and we also have another dinner appointment. They are just to good to me!!
The hardest goodbye I had to say was yesterday saying goodbye to Jenn and Rico. They are doing so great. It has been such a blessing to witness their conversion, and see their little family grow! It will be fun to hear about the stories they tell little Nicolas Joseph when he asks where his name came from. :) Jenn grabbed his little chubby hand and they waved goodbye as they watched me walk away from their porch. They can't come tonight so I won't be able to see them again before I leave.
It's just part of being a missionary though, you really get attached to people and areas, and then you get to have the blessing of going to a new area and loving a new companion and new people just the same. It doesn't get any easier. However, I feel such peace and comfort knowing that one day we will all be together again after this life. It's going to be the greatest reunion ever.
Here are some fast recaps of other things that have happened this week:
  • Hinulawan Festival- we were able to watch the parade from our balcony last Thursday and it was super fun to see how much effort they put into their floats and costumes! There was also a huge fireworks show late Thursday night. I remember watching a youtube clip before my mission about a "30 second firework show" because they all accidentally went off at once. Well, the show lasted about 30 minutes, not 30 seconds, but it was like 10 or so fireworks were lit off at once. It was crazy!
  • Tracting and Dogs- We were tracting last Friday and decided to go down a street that we have never been down before. We found a cute little village of houses and got Sister Domingo some return appointments there with her new companion. However as we were going to leave we got chased by a dog. First time this has happened on my mission. Don't worry, my companion grabbed my shoulder and bolted for a house with the door open. She said we needed to "grab shelter". #lifeofamissionary
  • Cebu Adventure- Sister Dustin and I had to go to Cebu on Saturday to sign some papers at the mission office, and we made it a priority to stop at my FAVORITE food joint ever in the Philippines, Chow King. There is no Chow King in Toledo, or any of my other areas for that matter, so it is a treat every time I get it. I am addicted to their Halo Halo. It was a fun quick trip.
That's about all that's happened this week. It was cut short with mine and Sister Dustin's trip to Cebu, and with the conference last Thursday, but it was still a fun a busy week doing the work of the Lord. I am so blessed to be a missionary. This work is the best. I encourage all of you to pray and ponder for yourselves how you can become better member missionaries and I promise you that as you do so, you will learn the meaning of true happiness. I can say with complete confidence that I am 100% happy right now, and that is because of this wonderful gospel and the chance I have to share it every day.
Have a great week and remember nga nahigugma ko ninyo! Ingat palagi.
Love, Sister Harris
Sisters in Toledo

Tarongoy Family FHE

I love Nova

Fireworks from our balcony


Festival Queen

Jollibee mascots and characters

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