Thursday, June 12, 2014

Toledo Week 14‏

Happy Thursday!

Surprise, I am emailing today instead of the regular Wednesday because yesterday, we were in Cebu City for a zone conference/farewell for President and Sister Schmutz with all of the missionaries on Cebu island. It was such a fun but emotional day as we heard from President and Sister Schmutz for the last time before they leave. These were some of my favorite quotes from President Schmutz...he sure is an incredible man!

"Your life will not be wasted if you give it away"
"Don't miss out on our reunion, think of the stories we'll tell!"

There is a new couple in the mission office named Elder and Sister Harris. There is also an elder here in the mission named Elder Harris, we go home at the same time. I always joke with other missionaries that Elder Harris is my brother, and Elder and Sister Harris are my parents, so we had to get a family photo! Elder and Sister Harris are some of the most kind, loving, wonderful people I have ever met. They are so incredible.

Since I have been in Toledo so long, I had the opportunity to meet some new missionaries who I hadn't met before. There were two sisters that came up to me and said they read my blog before their missions. One of them read it the entire time I was in CarCar, and now she is serving there. The blog has really been a great tool throughout my mission :)

We did a service project for Jenn and Rico this week, and we cleaned their house and did laundry for them. It was really fun working with the other Toledo missionaries and doing something to help Jenn and Rico. They did decide to name their baby Nicholas Joseph, so I officially have a namesake in Toledo :)

I went on splits on Tuesday with Sister Velasco, who is a sister training leader here in Toledo. It was really fun because we are both serving in Toledo 2nd Branch, so I got to see less actives who I have met before! Sister Velasco is from the same place as Sister Minguez, and they knew each other before their missions. Sister Velasco is just the most smiley and happy missionary and we had a blast together. I'm sad I forgot my camera that day.

Today is the start of fiesta in Toledo City. It's called Hinulawan Festival, and I'm not sure what the word hinulawan means, but there were parades and loud music the whole morning. I'm just thankful for the earplugs that I brought at the beginning of my mission that made it so I could focus during personal study!

Transfer calls are coming on Monday, and transfer day is next Thursday. It's been a fabulous 14 (almost 15) weeks in Toledo, and I'm not sure what the next transfer will bring, but I love the words of Joseph B. Wirthlin when he said "come what may and love it."

I am loving the mission and doing SO great here! Malipayon ko kay nagmission ko sa cebu mission. Being a missionary is the single biggest and best blessing I have ever had in my life.

Have a great week! Until next wednesday...amping mo diha. :)

Love, Sister Joslyn Harris
Love this family

cute family

Love this girl

The "Harris" Family all last names Harris

New Mission President and wife

I'll sure miss the Schmutz's

Zone Conference

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