Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Toledo Week 1- D&C 19:23‏

Joslyn wants to thank Palmers for their package that she received this week, she is still waiting and looking forward to the Bailey's package too.
Hi everyone! :)
And before you all start asking...YES I was transferred, again :) It's been a crazy few weeks! 3 areas, 3 zones, and 3 companions in one transfer makes for some crazy times but all of this has definitely been inspired and I have felt so much peace in my heart through all of this. I know that there was a purpose behind my time in Busay, even with how short it was, I really have learned so much through these past few weeks! There was another big emergency transfer because a bunch of Tacloban missionaries who were temporarily reassigned to the Cebu mission went back to Tacloban. There were 18 missionaries from Tacloban assigned temporarily to the Cebu mission, and they are all back now, and now I am in a new area and LOVING IT :)
I am now in Toledo City, it's on the other side of Cebu island. When I was driving here it reminded me like I was driving up Morgan canyon, except for in the Philippines. I was pretty proud of myself for fetching a taxi from the temple complex, getting on a bus and getting myself and my luggage here to Toledo all by myself, and having fun in the process!
Toledo is a city, not like Cebu City, but maybe a little more city than CarCar. It reminds me of Ogden in the Philippines. There are some bukid areas, but the elders work up there and the sisters work in the city.
I am assigned in Toledo Branch 2, and my companion is Sister Wechsler. She is from California, and she is so wonderful! She is so sweet and kind and caring. When I saw her for the first time when I got here to Toledo, she gave me the biggest hug and said, "I love you Sister Harris, this is going to be the best companionship!" and these past few days have been that. The spirit is so strong in our companionship and I love how we are really able to bounce off of each other when we are teaching.
My first lesson here with Sister Wechsler was really fun. We taught a less active member about modesty and we committed her to wear modest clothes, and if she had any clothes that weren't modest, she would either make them modest or throw them out. We just barely saw her on our way to the internet cafe and she was dressed modestly so that was good! :)

BUT, rewind...I want to tell you all about my last little while in Busay. I got the transfer call on Friday I had a few days so tell people and have some great last experiences there.
We have the sweetest and cutest investigator in Busay, her name is Rosela and she is in her 70's and she loves when we ask her questions...however, her memory isn't the sharpest and so we really have to expound on her answers. We were teaching her about prophets, so we asked her a simple question, "Who is the living prophet?" She was so excited to answer. She goes, "Thomas.............S...................Carnero!" She was so proud of her answer it was so cute. However, carnero is lamb in Cebuano, and not the last name of our prophet. So we made sure we wrote down his name for her so she remembers. :)
I got a really nasty habal habal (motorcycle) burn right before I left Busay. Sister Zamora told me it was so I could remember Busay. :) Even though I was only there for 2 weeks, the members are so sweet I got some really cute notes from members, and the relief society president gave me a really cute keychain. The Filipino people are all so sweet even though I wasn't in that ward for very long.
Monday I went to district meeting in Busay before I transferred here to Toledo. The best part of that experience was that I got to see SISTER WEBBER! My best friend ever from the MTC. I love her so much! She was temporairly assigned here and was on her way back to Tacloban. It was the only time I have seen her since she's been in the Cebu mission and so I was so happy I got to see her, even if it was just once!

I really want to make my emails more spiritual and so I'm going to go back to putting a scripture in the subject line. I love this scripture in D&C 19:23 and I have gained a personal testimony of this on my mission, that as we learn more about Christ, we feel His love and His presence in our lives more fully. I have come to know Christ through learning to rely on His Atonement more than I ever have in my life before my mission. I can say with conviction that He is my older brother, my best friend, my best advocate...something that I had to come to know for myself, and I know that all of you can come to know this too as you trust in Him and rely on Him. We can't do anything alone, and we don't have to either :)
I will have more information next week about the area and the investigators, right now I'm just so happy to be here and am soaking it all in :) I LOVE being a missionary and I LOVE you all so much!
Sister Joslyn Harris :)
Valentines package from Home thanks Allie

Family in Busay

Sister Webber

New companion Sister Werschel

New Apartment

Cebu Temple

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