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Toledo Week 2- 3 Nephi 11‏

Maayong udto akong pamilya ug mga higala! Kumusta mo??
This week has been really great and really busy. Last Thursday night we took a bus to the city, and we stayed the night in the Busay house (the one I used to live in) in preparation for a special Sister's Conference with all of the sisters in the mission who are serving on Cebu island. All day Friday was the conference and it was so great! We had workshops from President & Sister Schmutz, as well as the Sister Training Leaders in the city, Sister Passey and Sister Luyong.
Because we were in the city I was able to get my mail and I have to say...I have THE best family and friends in the world! I got yet another package, and quite a few letters- thank you to everyone who wrote me- letters are thee best! :)
We came back Friday night and Saturday was a nice whole day of work. I love the people here in Toledo. We taught Josephine, who is a recent convert. She manages going to school full-time, continuing listening to the missionaries, as well as two callings in the branch. She is really amazing and I love her.
We also have a recent convert named Octavo who is 11 years old. We went to teach him and his cousins, who are all less actives, however they were a little distracted during the lesson because the word on the street was that there was a birthday party going on down the street. Good thing I was prepared with stickers galore from my awesome family and I told them they could pick one if they listened to the lesson. Worked like a charm. It's the simple things!
We also have a really great investigator couple, Jenn and Rico. They are being baptized in a few weeks. They aren't even members yet, but they keep giving us referrals and we keep teaching their friends! It's really neat to see them have the desire to share the gospel.
One of their friends is a darling girl named Roselyn. During our lesson with her the Spirit was so strong, so I took the advice of AP Elder Peck and "struck while the iron was hot" and invited her to baptism, right then and right there. She was so happy, she cried, and ever since then she has been doing really great. Her baptism is scheduled for April 26th.
Monday I had a flashback to my first district meeting of my mission. We were in district meeting and at the end of every district meeting we do a practice teaching. My first district meeting I was a little distressed and still jet lagged, I also was worried about my appearance. So I sat through the whole practice teach not saying a word while Sister Tueller taught Elder Blount- then at the end I lost it and said I just needed to find a place where I could get eye makeup remover so I could wear my makeup and at least feel somewhat like myself.
Fast forward to Monday...Sister Wechsler and I had the opportunity to practice teach Elder Blount. The second time I have done a practice teach with Elder Blount since the first time which was a disaster. It was a really neat experience to see how much I have grown and changed since that time- I was able to speak in Cebuano with no problems, I was confident, I had my makeup remover ;) and most importantly I was (and am) HAPPY. He commented on how much I have changed since that time and I am grateful he saw a difference.
Yesterday we had zone conference. It was really great. We have been in the city a lot lately, and I always love seeing President and Sister Schmutz and hearing from them. It's always fun to see all of my missionary friends too!
Jenny Webre sent me a really great quote this week that I want to share with you all. It says, "Anchor your life in Jesus Christ, your Redeemer. Make your Eternal Father and His Beloved Son the most important priority in your life, more important than life itself, more important than a beloved companion or children or anyone on Earth. Make their will your central desire. Then all that you need for happiness will come to you." -Richard G. Scott
Whenever teaching someone for the first time instead of having them read the introduction (most missionaries do), I love having them dive into the scriptures. 3 Nephi Chapter 11 is something I love to share with investigators. I think it goes along great with this quote. I know that as we center our lives on Christ, that He will bring us true happiness. I encourage each of you, always, to come to know Christ personally. Bisan unsa mga pagsulay, kaya nato! Pinaagi ni Jesukristo.
Nahigugma jud ko ninyo!
Love, Sister Joslyn Harris

I love Sis Schmutz

Pres Schmutz

Nasty Motorcycle Burn got meds today

New Clothes today from home with my Nanay

Sis Passey from North Ogden

I love sis Tueller

Teaching a cute family

New clothes with Lin Lin

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