Monday, May 20, 2013

A Taste of the Philippines

Yesterday I had a fun opportunity to get a literal "taste of the Philippines" pamilya and I went to our friends' aunt's house for a wonderful night of all things Philippines!

We ate a TON of amazing Filipino food!! I don't remember the names of anything except adobo, but I loved all of it! In the Philippines, they expect you to eat everything on your plate, so, I ate everything on my plate and I know my parents were quite proud, as it is usually hard for me to finish a whole plate of food!

Thanks for inviting us, Lorie!

mga ginikanan {my parents} and Joy

bag-o nga mga higala {new friends}

Cute friends!

Something new that I learned is that the beaches in Cebu have beautiful, white sand! 

I'll have to visit all of these beautiful beaches when I return to Cebu after my mission, because while I'm there, my time will be dedicated to serving the Lord and the people of Cebu.

The whole group! What a fun night! Thanks again Lopez/Daliva family!

p.s. I have some other great marks my 100 day mark until I enter the MTC! 
The time has been going by pretty fast, I can't believe it's been 33 days since I got my call!
Let's hope the next 100 days will go by just as fast!


    So Cari Robison, one of my close friends from the mission, told me to run by this page. Im glad I found it! I've got a profound love for missionaries, especially ones assigned in Cebu haha. I got home nine months ago and I'm a teacher at the mtc. So were looking forward to having you! The field is white in Cebu. Prepare to harvest.
    -deejay pasikala

    1. NO WAY! This just made my day, week, month! Thanks for the message! Be sure to keep checking back as I leave for my mission! So will you be my teacher in the MTC? I'm soooo excited for this adventure!