Monday, May 13, 2013

Mission Friends

This weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to get together with some girls going to my same mission!! It was so much fun to meet people who are going to the same place and going through much of the same preparations as I am.

We went through a session at the Salt Lake Temple, had lunch, walked around City Creek and Temple Square, and my favorite part...met some Filipino sisters!!

I love how excited both of the Filipino sisters got when they found out we were going to the Philippines. They gave us big hugs and were so sweet to us!! 

This sister is from CEBU!! The first sister we met from the Philippines told us that there was a sister on Temple Square that was from Cebu. We HAD to find her!! We looked everywhere...both visitors centers, the assembly hall, all over the grounds of Temple Square...and we still couldn't find her! We went up to the Beehive House, and she was there!! We were so happy to see her!! I seriously hung on every single word she said...we only talked to her for a little bit, and I already felt like we were best friends! I am SO excited to have native companions!! 

Here are my favorite things she said about the Philippines, specifically Cebu...
  • Filipinos LOVE Christmas, and will have all of their Christmas decorations up by September! That means that by the time I arrive in Cebu (after 6 weeks in the MTC) it will be all decked out for Christmas! 
  • If serving in Cebu City, we get to take investigators on tours of the temple grounds every Thursday!
  • There are indeed other things to eat instead of fish! {but I'm still going to be eating a lot of fish}
  • There are a lot of malls/stores/markets that sell really cute and reasonably priced clothes and shoes!
I know Heavenly Father puts people in our paths to calm our worries, and this sister did just that for me! She knew exactly what I needed to hear and reaffirmed the fact that I will LOVE the Philippines! 

and if anyone's counting {I AM} the countdown is down to only 107 days until I embark on the greatest adventure of my life...serving the Lord. There is nothing better!!


  1. Joslyn, I am so excited for you!!

    1. Thanks Chelsea! I'm pretty excited too :) My mom better send my pictures of your baby GIRL!! Congrats!