Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy week :)‏

Hello everyone! Hope you've all had a great week :) Thanks for all of the emails, as always! It has been a great, normal week of missionary work! Transfers have come and gone, and I'm glad I still have another transfer here in Labangon with my sweet companion!

Like I said this week has been pretty normal, not too much happened, and not anything really exciting to report on. We've been doing a lot of tracting though, and we've had success tracting around the houses of members and then teaching our new friends at the houses of members. We found a man this week named Arsenio, he is in his late 40's and has 3 daughters who are all in college. His wife had a heart attack and died just a few months ago. He said he has been looking for peace and comfort since then...great time for the missionaries to come along, it definitely wasn't by chance :)

We also met a lady yesterday while on the way to teach a less active member. The lady we met is named Fatima. She had her 2 really cute kids with her...and she actually knew the lady we were heading to teach, so we just invited her to join the lesson! Come to find out, she is in her early 30's...she is originally from Mindinao...and halfway through the lesson she told us that when she was 18, she had a dream that she saw Christ, and he told her to follow him. She has been "looking for him" ever since! SO COOL! Tracting has been so beneficial in this area and it really has been a blessing to meet such great people this way.

Ninfa is still doing great and is going to be baptized on October 11th. Amada, our investigator who is 86 with alzheimer's will be getting baptized October 4th. All of our recent converts are doing well and are staying active in the church. Mario and Marvin were just called on Sunday as the new ward librarians!! So funny, they are so excited haha.

Oh...! I taught relief society again on Sunday. I really love teaching. It's just kind of funny because I've become a regular relief society teacher in this ward.

I was thinking this week about how it isn't a coincidence that I had the childhood I had and that I was raised and went through the trials that I experienced early on in has made all the difference on my mission. I have met and taught and served and loved so many single moms over the course of my mission. I love the women of the Philippines. I love everyone here, but the women here are just SO strong. They are so resillient. A lot of the women here raise their children without a husband for whatever reasons (work outside of the country, left pregnant, deaths, etc.) and they are left with children to raise, money to find, jobs to work, etc. I just really love them. They have changed my life.

That's about all I have for this week...sorry I think I'm loosing my sense of humor! I'm not as funny as I used to be! But it's all good, because I've gained so much more...a firm testimony, eternal friends, love for a new country...being able to speak a crazy foreign language is just a plus :) I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Sister Joslyn Harris


Sis Gusay and grandkids

Sis Gusay and cute kids


Sis Amanda
Going to see Amanda

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