Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Toledo Week 9

Transfer calls came in on Monday, and I am staying in Toledo for another transfer! Yay! Sister Wechsler is transferring tomorrow to Talisay, and I sure will miss her, but I am excited for my new companion to come, her name is Sister Domingo! All I know is that she is Filipina and just finished her training. I'm really excited for this next transfer.

This past week has been crazy, fun, exhausting, everything! It's been a week I will remember forever. Sister Wechsler and I both agreed that we're going to talk about this week in our homecoming talks, it's been that memorable and crazy!

Basically every day since last Wednesday and Saturday (the big day) we have been getting things ready for the wedding and baptism, with the help of the amazing members here in Toledo 2nd branch! We had members making popcorn, we had a cake, we had was quite the event. Sister Wechsler and I are now officially wedding planners! We had matching outfits, we made a mural of pictures of Christ, we worked really hard and it payed off! It was a really special day. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

As amazing as the wedding was, the best part was Jenn's baptism. Jenn looked beautiful for her wedding, but she just GLOWED when she changed into her baptism clothes. President Rago performed the baptism, and it was a great night. Rico will be following the example of his new wife and will be baptized on May 24th.

The members here are really great and as we have visited them for Sister Wechsler to say goodbye, I have heard some really great quotes/motto from them that I want to apply into my life and I thought you guys would really like.

One lady, sitting outside of her home with her 6 little children running around, told us, "Sisters, I just want my home to be my family's Zion."

Another lady, when asked why she has the desire to do her best at her calling told us, "Because I know my calling is from God, and I can't say no to Him."

I learn so much everyday from these incredible people. THEY are teaching me so much! I love them so much.

I'm excited to skype akong ginikanan ug igsoon MONDAY! Happy Mother's Day Mom!

I love you all and hope you have a great week! Kta ta Lunes!

Love, Sister Harris
Another Sisters Baptism


Fun Times

We Love Jenn


Sam Yves and Jehan

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