Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Toledo Week 10

HELLO to my dear family and friends!! I hope you are all doing well and that my mom, grandma, and every other lady in my life had a wonderful Mother's Day this past Sunday! I am so lucky to have so many wonderful women in my life, here on the mission and back at home, who are examples to me and make me want to do and be better.

Also, I want to give a big THANK YOU to my wonderful family, and Trudy Palmer, for the packages I got this week! You guys are the best and spoil me too much!! I love you guys so much! It made my whole year to skype my sweet family this last week and to hear your voices!

This week has been really great! Transfers have come and gone, and Sister Wechsler is now in Talisay, and my new companion Sister Domingo is here! She is such a sweetheart and we are having a blast together. She is 24 years old and is from La Union, under the Philippines Baguio Mission. She is a native Tagalog speaker, but she is practically American. Her favorite food is pasta, carbonara to be exact, and she only eats rice once a day, at lunch. What is this?! She loves sweets and we are just having a blast together. I was a little nervous about leading the area and being senior to someone so new on the mission, but she makes my job so easy. LOVE her.

I got to talk to Sister Domingo's brothers and sisters on Mother's Day...and I got to practice my Tagalog! Hopefully they understood me :)

We have been seeing a lot of success in Toledo this week. Rico has completely stopped smoking, and he will be baptized on May 24th! I am so happy. I have been so blessed to witness him and Jenn's conversion...they are incredible. Rico is doing so well, in everything...he is being so blessed for overcoming his addiction. I look up to him so much.

We have another investigator, Chainel, who is the cousin of Josephine (our recent convert) and who has been going to church for years, but has never sat down long enough to have the missionary discussions. He knows the church is true, and he wants to be baptized, so we set a schedule to teach him...and a baptismal date as well. May 31st! Toledo is on fire right now and I'm so thankful I get to be a part of it.

I'm just so thankful to be a missionary, specifically at this time and in the Philippines Cebu Mission. I am so thankful that everyday I get to see miracles, to see people change and come closer to Christ. I am so thankful for the changes I am seeing in myself too as I give my whole heart to serving my Heavenly Father. He knows you. He loves you. He is aware of you and your needs and desires.

Nahigugma jud ko ninyo. Amping mo diha!

Love, Sister Joslyn Harris :)
Allie Sues BOM given to this little girl.

Toys from the Palmers Love you Trudy

Love my family

Watermelon Toes

Love Skype and my family yay

Me and Sister Domingo

Stray Kitten

Milenda's Son with toys

Me at the Bay Bay

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