Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CarCar Week 12 and a SURPRISE!


Maupay nga aga! (That is Waray Waray for good morning) :)

Well since I'm not too good at keeping surprises, I'll just get right to it! I'm being transferred tomorrow. Yes it is right smack in the middle of the transfer- so technically this is called an emergency transfer, but I've been calling it a surprise transfer...because I am so surprised, but so happy!

I am transferring tomorrow to an area called Busay. I will be in the Kamputhaw Zone in Cebu City. My companion is none other than one of my favorite Filipinas in the world...Sister Zamora! She was Sister Smith's companion when I was companions with Sister Minguez here in Carcar my first transfer here. I am SO excited!

Something else that is really great about my new area in Busay is that it's so close to the temple that our district meetings on Mondays are at the church building in the temple complex. So I will get to see the temple every Monday! And hopefully get mail faster ;) Busay was Sister Minguez's second area and she absolutely loved it. I have heard a lot of good things so I am excited to get over there and get to work.

Last Wednesday night the Weller Family had us over for a BBQ ribs dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy. It was so yummy!! And I hadn't ever tried ribs before my mission. Not sure why, but it was really good. We were also able to teach a short lesson to them about obedience. I got two cotton balls, and soaked one in alcohol and then lit them both on fire. The one soaked in alcohol doesn't burn while the other one does. We then likened that as to what happens when we are obedient to God's commandments, when the adversary comes into our lives, we will be protected if we are doing everything we can. The kids really liked it.

I'm going to really miss everyone in Carcar who I have come to love like my family. These people are so amazing. The Filipino people are something else. Since this is my last day emailing about Carcar, I want to share with y'all about some wonderful people here in the Carcar ward (names removed)...
1. This sister came up to me at church, she is in her 50's or so, a really cute lady. She told me she found me on facebook and then she went on youtube and searched and came across some old cheerleading videos that I am in and she asked if she could share them on her facebook wall. She must have had to search long and hard for those videos! :)
2. This other cute little nanay told me that she had a dream about me...I made an announcement about getting members to work with us in relief society, and so after relief society she came up to me and said, "oh so i think that was exactly what my dream was about!"
3. They love my hair here, it's getting pretty long and lightening up a ton and almost always when we are at a less actives house they all want to braid my hair so i have had a lot of fun braided hairdos this week :) Sister Sepulveda has a secret talent I never knew about until this week and that is that she is really good at braiding hair too. So she braided my hair and I seriously felt like I was back in Nalani's Salon having Randee do my hair for prom! I didn't want to take it out. I loved it :)

We have the most amazing investigator couple and I am so sad that I won't be here for their wedding or their baptism but we are going to say goodbye to them tonight so I will make sure I take some pictures :) They are Lorana and Ulysses. They are so funny. Brother is working on not drinking tuba (an alcoholized coconut drink that is popular here) in preparation for his baptism. We had originally set dates that he couldn't drink, to ease into him stopping drinking all together. However, when we went to visit them monday, we saw that his alcohol glass was full of water. It wasn't one of the designated "no drinking" days, so we told him that's awesome he was drinking water. He then told us that he has decided to only drink water from now on! YES! I love it when investigators see the importance of things by learning it for themselves. So I made him a really cute "commitment chart" so he can remember to only drink water, and his baptism date was moved up to March 26th since he is stopping drinking. For the commitment chart it has 30 squares for the 30 days he has to stop drinking, and for every day that he has water, he gets to put a Christ sticker in the square. We are going to give it to him tonight so I hope he likes it!

Yesterday was a holiday (I can't remember what holiday- they celebrate everything here) and there was another huge parade outside our house, right during personal study in the morning. at the same time we had a leak in the bathroom so downstairs is our landlord and a handiman drilling into a pipe in the ceilling. I took a video during all of this commotion and i will try and send it home if the file isn't too big. Only in the Philippines :)

Well as always I love you all SO much and hope all is going well back at home. Keep the sports updates coming, keep the Bachelor updates coming, and of course the Facebook updates too :) I love hearing about you all and everything that is going on back home! It makes me feel not so out of the loop :)

Nahigugma jud ko ninyo! Amping mo!

Love, Sister Joslyn Harris :)
Commitment chart for drinking water

Comp braided my hair

I love Sis Weller

Sis Baran

Investigators House

Baran Family

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