Friday, March 22, 2013

Why I'm Serving

Hi family, friends, whoever reads this blog...which is probably just me and my mom right now... #letsbehonest

I'll be keepin' this fancy little page updated pre-mish and while I'm gone, someone in my family will be adding my letters, pictures, and whatnot.

So, if you want to follow my journey this is the place to do so.

Anyhow, I've seen this idea before on other sisters' blogs and thought it would be a GREAT first post on my mission blog. Whenever I'm feeling down, or when the adversary is working especially hard on me, I can read this letter I've written for myself.

Dear Sister Harris,

Remember when you were in Primary and would sing "We'll Bring the World His Truth" extremely loud and proud, never having any idea it was about missionary work? #seriously

Remember when this announcement was made last October? Remember when Dad told you, "pack your bags, see you in 18 months!"

You thought he was joking.

He thought he was joking, too.

But then the wheels started to turn in your could serve a mission. 

Remember how you graduated and started looking and applying for jobs...10 jobs, 20 jobs, and 30 job applications later, you were told the exact same thing.

"You are a hard worker, and you have a great personality. We've just decided to go with someone else this time."

Then it was back to square one. 

Remember how you talked about wanting to serve a mission to mom & dad ALL THE TIME? Well, they noticed.

Remember how they helped you recognize what was right smack in front of your face? Open your eyes Joslyn, the reason you're not getting a job is because you are supposed to serve a mission.

That's when everything started coming together. You realized that everything up to this point in your life has prepared you to be where you are at right now, on a mission.

Remember when that missionary wrote you almost 3 years ago and told you you'd serve a mission? They were right.

Remember when you gave your first Book of Mormon away? How alive it made you feel?

Remember when you'd bug people to come to church activities, and they told you you'd be a great missionary because you were so persistent?

Remember when one of your best friends came home from her mission and gave you the final push you needed to start your papers.

Remember how you started & completed your papers, doctor appointments, and bishop and stake president interviews all within 2 weeks? #miracles

There are people out there, looking for something better. They are looking for hope and searching for the truth. They are looking for the gospel, and YOU will be the one to bring it into their lives.

There are people out there just like your dad and grandpa. They know there is something better for them. They can't imagine never seeing their families again after they leave this Earth.

You know it's been amazing to feel God's love as you've trusted in him and never looked back. As you've learned to rely on the scriptures, the Holy Ghost, and your testimony.

You've trusted in God, he's placed his trust in you. Your life will never be the same.

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