Monday, January 19, 2015

another week.

For the past 17 months my life has been emailing you guys once a week and after this email, I only have 4 emails left before I see you all in person. So now the pressure's on for some good last emails!

Last Thursday I said goodbye to Sister Linao and spent the day with the Dumaguete sisters and we had a great time. Then that night my new companion arrived. Her name is Sister Tonga, she is 23 years old and is from Tonga :) The first few days were really had to get to know each other and adjust to each other, but that's okay, because the past few days have been a BLAST! I seriously love my companion so much! She keeps me laughing all the time and is such a diligent missionary and a hard worker, she is keeping me working hard right up to the end!

Because of our hard work this week we are starting to see miracles in Bacong and it's such a blessing. Just this past Sunday we had 3 new investigators that came to church.

We have been working a lot with the less active members and are seeing investigators come because of it. We have a less active family and we'd been focusing on the dad for the past 2 transfers, but this past week we taught his investigator daughter-in-law, and on Sunday she is the one who brought the family to church! First time they have all been to church since I have been here in Bacong!
We also taught a less active family for the first time, the Amper Family. Their story is really sad. They have been less active for about 2 years because their daughter died. Their 3 daughters, all under age 4 at that time, were playing outside and the one daughter that was 3 years old passed out and died. Nothing was wrong with her. The parents were absolutely devestated and over time they distanced themselves from the church. Well we taught them about eternal families and they said they want nothing more than to see their daughter again and to be a complete family. So they said they're going to do everything they can to work towards being sealed in the temple. They came to church Sunday also.

I am just so blessed to be a missionary, I know I say that all the time but every time I say it I really mean it. I'm thankful God is allowing me to see miracles every single day, in the lives of the people we are teaching as well as in myself. These amazing, wonderful, loving Filipinos have changed my life and taught me so much more than I could ever teach them on my own. I love my life and I love my mission.

Have a great week, not too many more until we're all together again.

Love, Sister Joslyn Harris
my new companion Sis Tonga

On the Jeepney for Dumagete

Lozada Family

Coconut Water from the tap

On the beach with my new companion

Guia family


Scripture case hand made for Allie

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