Tuesday, November 18, 2014

happy wednesday!‏

This week has been great. Bacong is great. My mission is great. Even though nothing really out of the ordinary happened, I'm just happy to be here and to be a missionary! Life is good.

Last week Sister McCann and I went to the fish spa- we decided we needed a temporal reward for all of our hard work and I'm not sure how relaxing it was having fish take little nips at my feet but it sure made for a lot of laughs! 

Can I just tell you all how much I love Bacong Branch?? These people are amazing, in just 4 short weeks these people have become my family and I love them! Sometimes on the mission I've thought it wasn't possible to love more people and that my heart was already full but I'm constantly shown that there is always more room to love the Filipino people! Always!

We had a great zone conference on Monday in Dumaguete and got to see a lot of missionaries serving here in Negros, including my sweet step anak Sister De Jesus, as well as Sister Wechsler, Sister Tueller, and many others who I've served with the past almost 15 months. What a great time! President gave a workshop about the beatitudes and it was great. I learned so much.

Yesterday Sister McCann and I worked our tails off and were SO busy! As you know a lot of our investigators have dropped us and sometimes it feels like we're starting over brand-new with a new teaching pool but it's all the Lord's plan and I know there are prepared people here in Bacong waiting for us!

Yesterday we decided to talk to everyone, and I mean everyone, even those who didn't want to talk to us...we were chasing a lady who kept yelling back at us, "wala ko diri, wala ko diri" (i'm not here, i'm not here) but all of this working and chasing people led us to teach these 3 old ladies in their mid 90's. Probably one of the favorite lessons I've ever taught on my mission. My companion and I were worried they would be super devout Catholic or something and want to bible bash, but they were soooo good! They just love Jesus! (that's exactly what they told us haha)

We are just working really hard and starting to see the fruits of our hard work. I know this area has so much potential! I just know it.

Today we are going to the beach with the elders and the Guia family and I am really excited for that. Then on Saturday, our less active is getting married, and we are going to go. This is my second time attending a wedding in the Philippines...flashback to Jenn and Rico's wedding in Toledo. Time flies!

Hope you all have a great week! 

Love, Sister Joslyn Harris
Eating good food....

At the beach

On the wall


I love my umbrella

Cadyona girls


Fish foot spa

It tickles....


Me & Sis DeJesus

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