Tuesday, November 4, 2014

happy halloween from bacong

Hi everyone! It seems like you all enjoyed your Halloween there in the states! I got my packages from home (THANK YOU!!) just in time for the holiday and tried to teach some kids how to do trick-or-treating with the bag of Swedish fish! It didn't go very well, they just wanted the candy haha. Everyone here loves American candy and someone even told me, "there's no way you can get cavities from this, it's not even that sweet!"

My companion and I bought these really cheap masks at the changi (market) and wore them to a FHE we had on Halloween night and that's about all we did for Halloween :) I know, I'm boring, but I'm just busing doing missionary work! No tricks, just treats because I get to teach people the gospel :)

In other news, I had probably the best exchange of my entire mission this week. I finally got a chance to work with my dear trainer again! Last Thursday I got to be companions with Sister Tueller for a day and it was so much fun, and I could actually speak Bisaya and contribute to the lessons this time around so it was great! We had a lot of adventures that day and despite all of that, the greatest adventure was just being with my trainer again before she goes home (at the end of this transfer). I love her and I'll always be thankful for her and everything she taught me and how much she helped me last year in the little town of Sibonga.

We were locked out of the house this week too. That was an adventure. It was Sunday right before church started, and we left the keys on the kitchen table. Here in the Philippines every house has a gate, so we were locked out of the house, but locked in the gate. We climbed the gate and made it to church just in time, and the senior couple in my zone, the Henricksen's, were able to bring us a spare key before the service ended. Thank goodness for senior couple missionaries! I haven't worked with them since Toledo with the Hall's, but the Henricksen's are really good. They are from Oregon and have served a handfull of missions before serving in Cebu, and they go home the same time as me.

In Labangon, we had FHE every Monday night with the Posadas Family, who I miss so much! So in this area, I've tried to make sure we have an FHE every Monday night like we had in Labangon. This week we went to the Legaspi Family. It's funny, because I met the Legaspi's last year at the temple when I was in my 3rd transfer and they said they'd wait for the day that I would be assigned in their branch....well now I'm here! It was so fun having FHE with them and getting to know their family better, and since they thing I'm going home soon (duggay pa jud!) they were trying to give me marriage advice. Here's what the mom told me: "Collect, select, and pick the beast" I was so confused, but then she said she messed up on her English pronunciation...what she really meant to say was "collect, select, and pick the best" hahaha.

When I got here 2 weeks ago, we had an okay teaching pool but everyone that has seemed to have potential has had their share of trials and struggles come into their lives. We were teaching a lady but her husband said he'll leave her and their 3 daughters if she continues to listen to us. We are also teaching a lady who's husband just left her with 5 young boys and completely disowned the children. We are teaching a lot of people in really sad situations, living situations and mental/social situations. The living conditions here are some of the hardest I've seen my whole mission, but it's not just one or two families, it's how everyone lives. We're doing a lot of tracting too and just trying to work hard and find the elect people here, and help those struggling overcome their trials.

In closing this week I just want to share this new mormon message with you all that I love. Isn't it so true what Jeffery R. Holland said that "some blessings some soon, some come late, and some don't come till Heaven, but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come...it will be alright in the end."

Our loving Heavenly Father knows each of His children and our struggles, and our weaknesses and if we stay faithful and hold strong to the gospel, the blessings will come in His perfect timing. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week :)

Love, Sister Joslyn Harris 
Sign entering the city


Me & My Companion

One of the paths we take

Walking in the rain

Another Bovine Investigator

Me & My Companion

Lots of Goats

Sister Tueller's area Siation

Me & Sister Tueller


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