Tuesday, October 21, 2014

i'm leaving labangon :(‏

So we got transfer calls on Monday after district meeting, and sadly I am saying goodbye to my beloved Labangon Ward and I'm transferring tomorrow, to a little province called Bacong. It's on Negros, which is the other island in my mission. I'm going to be companions with Sister McCann- who I don't know much about other than she knows Shalee Brown and was companions with Sister Wechsler before so I'm sure I'll love her.

Before I get into anything, I just want to apologize for my pictures and how tired I look and everything...it has been such a long and exhausting week and this is the only part I don't like about missions, having to leave areas and say goodbye to people who have become my family. It's even harder to leave Labangon because the people here DO NOT want me to go! Everyone we have taught since Monday afternoon has cried when I told them I'm transferring- it's just so hard to see them so sad and it makes me sad too! I feel like I'm leaving a huge chunk of my heart in Labangon Ward that I'll never get back!!

Oh yeah...and everyone and their dog has reminded me this week that I have 2 pimples on my face. I know!!!! Seriously though, I've just learned to laugh when people ask, "Hey Sister Harris, do you know you have 2 pimples on your face?" or "Sister Harris why do you have 2 pimples on your face?" Filipinos are just so honest. Hopefully those 2 darn pimples go away soon! I've been the talk of the town with them! 

This week was a really great week besides the news that I'm transferring. We have had a lot of success in the area this week.

That almost blind lady that I told you about last week, well she came to church this week and sure enough, she hasn't gone without rice since then. I don't know how it happens but she always has rice and hasn't gone hungry since she came to church and it's a miracle.

We decorated the Relief Society bulletin board...more like the RS president and my companion just watched while I decorated but it's ok, it turned out really cute :)

We had a dinner appointment where we ate a pig. It's called lechon baboy and is a delicacy of Cebu. But, we ate every part of the pig. Allie always asks me what is the craziest food I've eaten and that's it. Almost every part of the pig. Pig skin, pig liver, pig brain, and pig tongue. Masarap :)

We have a less active Julie Ann that we've been teaching and lately we've been teaching her boyfriend Gomer too, who is an investigator. They are probably our biggest success this week because Gomer is changing his day off to Sunday and he (the investigator) is bringing Julie Ann (the member) back to church on Sunday!! MIRACLES!! Hopefully in the next few months they'll be able to get married and then Gomer can be baptized.

I had my last FHE at the Posadas' house on Monday and they all went around the room and said sweet things about me and shared their memories they've had with me. By the end everyone was crying and they made me promise that wouldn't be the last time I'd see them...well it wasn't, because they want me to come back one last time before I leave tonight for pizza. We aren't even really relaxing today even though it's prep day because so many people want to say goodbye. I would do anything for these people so sacrificing a little bit of rest is nothing :)

Last night I said goodbye to Elsie and her wonderful family. There was a huge dinner at their house and Elsie sang me a song. :)  Elsie has been really upset that I'm transferring. She said last night "I hate Thursday...Thursday is a terrible day." (That's when I'm transferring) and so she is taking a weekend trip to Iloilo to see her other family members there because she doesn't want to be in Cebu on Thursday. Bless her heart! She LOVES that red striped dress I have, so I gave it to her, and she put it on right away! Her and her family bought me GROCERIES to take to my next area so I don't have to shop today, and souvenirs too. Sooo sweet! I love love LOVE Elsie.

Labangon Ward will always be a part of me. I LOVE LABANGON and I have absolutely loved every minute I've been here, every investigator I've taught and seen baptized, every less active who has come back to church, every member, everyone and everything...I will never forget Labangon. Part of the reason this transfer is so hard is because I have only 3 transfers left until I come home and I am probably on my way to my last area which is bittersweet to see things coming to a close. But I know this is the Lord's plan for me and I am excited to meet new people, see new challenges, and to embrace life on another island.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Amping permi :) 

Love, Sister Joslyn Harris
Sis Dustin & Me

Sis Gusay Carol and Chini

Draft Pick day (transfers)

Dog with painted eyebrows....

My Little Friend

Last visit with Amada

Last pictures with Amada

Amada's support group

Pork carnitas

Saying goodbye to Elsie Merry Christmas

Elsie is so sweet


Elsie wearing my dress I gave her

Elsie's family

Peace out yo!!

Elsie's great family

Joy Lopez' childhood home with Sis Primero

Sisters Nanyagas and Laddie


The Sugabo's so sad I am leaving

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