Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Toledo Week 4‏

Hello everyone! This week has been great! First of all, thank you so much AGAIN to everyone who sent me birthday wishes! The past three weeks I've been getting birthday wishes, and it sure makes email time sweet! You guys are thee best- I can't say it enough!
So let's start with the obvious...I'm 20 now! My birthday was so great! For the past few weeks I've been telling everyone about my birthday. I was SO excited. This is a big birthday, and it's the only birthday I got in the Philippines, so I really was determined to make it great. I wrote in my journal that every missionary should want Sister Wechsler as their companion on their birthday...and I stand by that statement. My companion is the best! She woke up early to make pancakes, decorated the house, etc. It was so sweet of her. Then the other sisters who live with us, Sister Agawin and Sister Dustin, came home from the city with BIRTHDAY VIDEOS for me from about 15 different missionaries who I have served with over the course of my mission! It was the best birthday ever, because I was able to give my day to Heavenly Father. It was one I will always remember for sure.
We have two members who we are working with to go to the temple. One is Sister Hetchanova, and the other is Linlin. I have loved teaching them and remembering when I was preparing to go to the temple. We are so lucky to have a temple here in Cebu, and y'all back there in Utah are lucky to have multiple temples around you!
All of our investigators are doing really great and progressing towards baptism. We have a baptism coming up on April 19th for Jenn, Rico, and Roselyn. I am so excited for them.
One of my favorite recent converts, Sam, loves to read my blog, and she said she has read every single letter since the beginning of my blog- so this is for Sam, I love you! Read your scriptures :)
Every week my faith grows and my love grows for the gospel and for the people I am serving. I see the struggles they go through, and the strength that they have, and it makes me want to be a better person. These people are changing me. This mission is changing me. I am so thankful for the person I am becoming because of this mission. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
I love you all so much and have a great week!

Love, Sister Joslyn Harris :)

Birthday Girl

I'm 20

Me and Lin Lin

My area

Roselyn and Jenifer

Cute Glasses

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