Tuesday, February 11, 2014

CarCar Week 10

Girls who wanted to go on splits with her for the "last time"

...and Sister Harris lives on another transfer in Carcar! Yes, I will be staying in Carcar another transfer, and yes Sister Sepulveda will be staying here too. Sister Smith and Sister Robidillo both got pulled out and no replacement, so we will be the only sisters here. Elder Snyder is still training Elder Tavui, so they are staying. Elder Mingus is getting a new companion, because Elder Glines is transferring to the farthest zone away from here, Bayawan on Negros Island. I will miss the dynamics that the Carcar ward has had this transfer. It's been great but I am looking forward to new challenges and new opportunities this coming transfer. Also, Elder Peck is a new AP! I thought that was awesome, and his twin is an AP in the Quezon City Mission. I am sure Ranae is super proud! He'll be great.

It's funny though because I totally thought I was going to transfer and all of the members did too. I got a ton of little notes from the members, and on Sunday...guess how many people showed up to the church because they wanted to work with me for "the last time"? 8. Eight people showed up to the church to go on splits with me.
Fast forward to Monday and we are waiting to hear the news about transfers. The zone leaders write the names of all of the missionaries transferring on a chalkboard in the relief society room. And they write my name, so I was POSITIVE I was transferring. Elder Glines told me that they would announce my assignment last so I was pretty sure I'd be training or something like that. But what does that elder do? He writes "the other bed!" and says "Surprise! You're staying!" I don't have anything else to say about that :)

It's just been one of those weeks where yes, I bought a large carton of Oreo Rocky Road ice cream and ate the whole thing by myself. :)

We had a really interesting Missionary Coordination Meeting with the ward missionaries last Saturday. A lot of people emailed me this week and asked me if the Philippines celebrates Valentines Day. And this is why I bring up Missionary Coordination Meeting, because the attendees could not stop talking about Valentines Day! They are really big on it here, and they all said they have to find Valentines and stuff. I am not sure if they pass around cards and whatnot, but everywhere we go there is a ton of red and lots of hearts.

I have been sick since Monday, with that lovely vertigo coming back, so yesterday I asked Elder Snyder for a blessing. It was a really interesting blessing because he totally followed the Spirit, and he blessed me with the faith to overcome my afflictions. He is a new district leader this transfer, but we are being moved to a different district, but I know he will do great in his new calling!

Last Sunday was a great Sunday and a great way to finish off last transfer. We had a less active come back to church for the first Sunday since she was baptized! It's always so much fun to see these people who you love so much and who you teach, see the importance of coming to church. Usually it just takes them one time of getting there, and a few times of getting used to coming back, but once they take that first step and that first leap of faith, they are on the right path!

I don't have much else to say this week but know that I love you all, and I pray for my family and friends daily, individually, by name. Keep doing what's right and always rely on the Lord. His plan for us is better than anything we could imagine. Never let go! I love you all!

Love, Sister Joslyn Sue Harris

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