Wednesday, January 8, 2014

CarCar Week 5

Hello everyone! :) I hope you have all had a great week and a fun start to the new year...can you believe it's 2014? So crazy. I got my mission call last April, and next month I will hit my 6 month mark on the mission! I can't believe how fast it's flying.

Usually on Tuesday night I'll write down what I want to tell ya but I went to bed way early last night since I had to wake up at 4:45 this morning. So forgive me if this is a crazy email :)
We are in Cebu City right now, we were able to attend a temple session this morning at 9 with the missionaries in my district and the ZL's. I haven't been to the temple since my first day in the field so it was really nice and MUCH needed :) I love the peace that is so tangible in the temple. I encourage you all to take advantage of the many temples close to you and go to the temple- guaranteed it'll make ya happy!
Something pretty cool happened at the temple today. So before my mission there were a lot of random Filipinos who wanted to be my friends on Facebook...well today I met in person at the temple one of the people who added me on Facebook before my mission! Her name is Sister Rosales (I can't remember her first name). Her and her husband were in the same temple session as us! It was neat to see that time in my life come full circle...I hugged her in the celestial room and the other missionaries were probably wondering who she was and how I knew her haha...but anyways it was really neat and hopefully sometime in the future I can be assigned to her area.
This week has been honestly, probably one of the harder weeks of my mission so far. But I am a fighter as you know and "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"! I am just keeping that in mind and pluggin' through and learning a lot.
So Sister Sepulveda got here on Thursday afternoon...I went and picked her up from the bus stop and took her back to our apartment. I have been very nice to her the whole time she has been here. I have really learned a lot about the gift of charity this week. I have tried every day to do something for my companion and to serve her and love her how Heavenly Father loves her. Every night I have been writing her notes (idea of Sister Smith) and I put them on her pillow so she sees them before she goes to bed. She has never said something about it and she hasn't thanked me for it but that's not why I do it. At least she can't question the fact that she is loved and that I am trying.
Friday was a really hard day I felt like Thursday I was just being nice and hospitable to a new guest but then it hit that we were going to be together for 6 WHOLE WEEKS. I had a hard time and couldn't shake this feeling that I couldn't do it, I didn't want to do it. That night we went home early because I literally couldn't focus, couldn't concentrate, and I broke down and was honest with her and told her how I felt and that I really didn't want to do this transfer with her and she just hugged me and cried too...and then we prayed together. The Spirit was so strong. Now my desire to be in this companionship still isn't the strongest but, I feel like I can do it because I don't have to do this alone. I know Heavenly Father is by my side all day, every day, and I know this companionship will be for the best and I need to learn things from this companionship and this transfer that I couldn't learn any other way.
Saturday we had our first ever Missionary Coordination Meeting! This is the first time my mission that I have had a ward mission leader and ward missionaries...our ward mission leader is Brother Lauron and he just got home from his mission a few weeks ago so he's super fresh back and is really enthusiastic about the work so hopefully we can get more member present lessons and referrals from this!
I absolutely LOVE the members, and all the people here in Carcar. They are seriously the best. On Sunday at church, there was a little problem because there were multiple people that wanted to sit next to the I gladly sat away from my companion with Sister Weller and a new member, Isay. Both of them had their arms around me and just wanted to sit next to me. It was really cute. Everyday I see little kids who just want to touch my arm and I am not sure why? I think it's because I'm white haha it's funny the type of attention I get here.
So as of today we have had no appointments yet this week. Sister Sepulveda had her ingrown toenail removed yesterday and we have been in the city Monday, Tuesday, Today, and we will be in the city again Friday for her toe. Maybe this is the way we needed to start this transfer off because I've had to be really patient with her and help her feel comfortable with her toe. I just want to get back to work! But tomorrow we are going on splits with the Sister Training Leaders (Sister Neri and Sister Kaafi) and so that will be fun.
Since we haven't had any lessons yet this week I don't have any real updates on the people here other than they are still wonderful and I love them a lot. Next week will be better. :)
I want you all to know how much I love you. And even more than I love you is how much Heavenly Father loves you. He knows you. He knows your trials and he knows EXACTLY what you need to get through them. Even if you think you can't do it, you can...because HE is always there by your side. And I am always here in Cebu praying for all my wonderful family and friends :)

Love you all so much, never forget that. Have a great week- make it that way!
xoxo, Jos
YW of the ward

Bye Bye My Companion

first Slurpee in the PI

Sister Weller

Less Active member

sister sepulveda

Sister Rosales outside Cebu Temple

First day together again....

In front of Cebu Temple

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