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Maayong udto mo! Kumusta mo diay?! This week has been good. I can't tell you all enough how much my mission has changed me so far, and especially how much this transfer has changed me so far. Next Tuesday I will hit my 5 month mark on the mission and I can't believe how fast it's going!

I especially want to thank everyone who has sent me emails this week...33 emails! I printed them all off so I can read them later :) Thank you! I love you all!

So Thursday at about 10:00 pm we get a text from Elder Glines and Elder Mingus that says, "Sister Harris, pick a number between one and two..." And me, thinking that I would be funny back, said "1 of course!" So their response? Was this..."Great! We have 2 packages for you, we will deliver one tonight and the other one tomorrow!" Good thing they were just giving me a hard time...but they did bring me two packages! I have the best family ever! I loved everything- the cheezits were a hit and the DR. PEPPER of course :) I even was nice and shared a little bit with the ZL's, and they said to tell you thank you, and that "Dr. Pepper is the nectar of the Gods". They are really great leaders but sometimes I am reminded that they are 20 years old :)

We did a lot of splits last week with members since Sister Sepulveda couldn't work, but this week she is doing a lot better so we've been working really hard!

So here in the Philippines, specifically in Cebu, there is this little celebration called Sinulog. From what I understand, it's a Catholic holiday and they are celebrating Santo Nino, who is a baby saint? Anyways, it's quite the big deal here...and it's even a bigger deal in the city. People from all over the world come here to celebrate, there are parades and really loud music...from what I've seen it's just like a big huge party to celebrate a baby saint. Anyways, we were in the middle of companionship study on Saturday morning, when all of a sudden RIGHT outside our window we hear "Oh my Father" (a Catholic prayer) being recited very, very, VERY loudly. We were a little confused at first as to where the sound was coming from, we though maybe there were nuns outside our house trying to curse us or something? But, then we opened the window and looked outside and saw a parade of probably every single Catholic person in the city of Carcar...they were all walking and reciting this prayer and we were so amazed by the amount of people that we just sat and watched for a little bit. Haha. So that parade marks the 3rd parade that I've seen go past the street that we live on! Fun times :)

Also on Saturday, we celebrated Elder DeLeon's birthday with the elders! (There are now 9 missionaries in Carcar...5 elders and 4 sisters. Elder DeLeon is being trained by Elder Snyder) We went to Mang Inasal and the elders brought a red velvet cake, and we also had halo halo. It was way fun. It just reminded me of before my mission when I tried halo halo and I didn't like it in the slightest, and now I'm here in the Philippines ordering it for desert. :)

We have had some great success teaching investigators this week.

Christine- she is amazing. I know I have talked about her in the past. Well she isn't married so that is why she hasn't been baptized yet, but she really wants to get married. Her boyfriend actually moved back to Carcar and is working close here now so it is quite possible that they can be married, and then baptized together, since we are able to teach both of them. To save money to pay for her wedding, she got a job. She now sells balut! I really wanted to help her out, so I decided to buy one from her. She seemed shocked but she was so cute about it, she opened her little container of balut and I picked one, and she even got me some salt and oil to go with it. Did I eat it? Nope :) But it was the best 17 pesos I have ever spent.

Mae- She was taught once by missionaries before, and read the entire Book of Mormon, but they never came back and since then, she's been searching for them and wanting to learn more. We have had her name on a little post-it note since I was companions with Sister Minguez, but we couldn't ever find her. Yesterday we were punted all day and then we meet her (not knowing who she was) I just start a casual conversation with her, asking her where she is from, what she is doing, etc. So I ask her what her name is, and she says Mae. It's the Mae we've been looking for the entire time I've been in this area! So right then and there, we sit down and teach her a lesson. It was really good. She is so elect and has been prepared for years and years but we just happened to find her. She was so excited to come to church, she thought she couldn't come because she isn't married. But of course she can! :) I'm excited to keep teaching her and now we have her phone number so she will never fall through the cracks like that again.

Reya- Last transfer we met Reya's brother, because he was smoking and Sister Minguez took away his cigarette. We didn't know they were siblings though. We met Reya yesterday and taught her right there on the spot. During the lesson she told us, "Wait a minute, I think I have your book." She comes back outside with the Book of Mormon in her hand. It was her brother's, but she hadn't ever read it. She seemed really interested in it. I gave her a reading assignment of Moroni 10, and when she opened up to this chapter, her assignment was already underlined. So cool.

Also yesterday we met the cutest 15 year old I have ever met in my whole life, Joshua. He was selling chocolate and mango ice cream outside of an elementary school here in Carcar. Of course I can never pass up an opportunity for Filipino ice cream (it's sooo good!) and so we order from him. I get talking to him about his life and what he is doing, and he tells me that he sells ice cream to make money for his family. He doesn't go to school he works to support his family. I thought that was really neat.

Another person yesterday told me I look like Mama what?! Crazy Filipino people. But I love them.

Overall it's just been another week of hard work and we've been able to see some success which makes it all worth it! I just can't believe I've been out almost 5 months, and next month...6 months! The person I was before the mission is completely gone. I don't know who that girl is anymore. It's funny how many things mattered so much to me before my mission- like my hair straightener, always looking nice, just really really superficial things mattered to me that don't mean anything to me anymore. I have grown so close to these people and I love them so much. I love being able to teach people in the circumstances I get to teach in. To see people who have pretty much nothing compared to the world's standards...but really, they have everything. It's changed me and I'm so excited for the year I have left here to serve and love these people and bring the gospel to them.

Have a great week, know how much you are all loved, not just by me but by our Heavenly Father as well. :)

Love, Sister Harris








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