Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week 2/3 Luke 1:37

Kamusta Pamilya!

Another week down in the MTC.  Although it feels like two months, it's been two weeks, but that's ok.  :)   Less than a month until CEBU!!

SALAMAT KAAYO!  for all the letters and packages!  Wow!!  You guys do not dissapoint!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone.  You guys are the BEST!!  Also, thanks to everyone who thought of Sister Aaron.  She LOVED your letters!   Thank gram for sending the pkg of candy bars to her.  She LOVES American Candy!   Looooove you guys so much!  My time is limited to respond to everyone, so MOM, please let everyone know I say thank you for thinking of me.  Last week I wrote 16 handwritten letters, but this week we start TRC, so my time is limited.  Just please let everyone know how much I appreciate them and love them. 

Here's what happened this week:

Thursday, after I emailed you guys, we went to the Temple and it was incredible.  I encourage anyone who has not attended the temple lately, to please go!  It was definately refreshing and the Spirit is so strong there. 

After the temple, we had dinner and then TRC.  We were a bit confused since this is the first time we have had TRC.  But, we went to class and guess who was there!!??  Epifanio, our first investigator!! 
Except he wasn't Epifanio, he is our NEW instructor!  His name is Brother Nolan Harris, and yes we have the same last name.  He is incredible and he returned from serving in CEBU in June and has the most incredible story.  He is SO inspiring to me.  We are his first district in the MTC, as he is a brand new instructor.

Friday, I received my pkg from Susan!!  Please tell her thank you!  I took a pic of myself with the pkg, so MOM, please send her the pic for me.  Thanks!!  She sent me cereal, mints, lots of my fave treats, and they were much needed and wanted!!!  Thanks again Susan!!

Saturday I received my pkg from my awesome Pamilya!!  SALAMAT KAYYO!!!  I LOOOOVE it so much!!  Funny story, Saturday was my companions b-day but she didn't receive anything.  And here I am with this HUUUGE box so of course I shared with her, and then a few days later, her b-day pkg arrived and it was cinnamon rolls, and she doesn't even LIKE cinnamon rolls!  I am glad my family knows me and knows what I like.  Thanks again so much!!

We also taught Brother Pasikala as himself.  It was an amazing experience, and Sister Aaron wanted to respond to all of your letters.  But she has NEVER written a letter, EVER, so I helped her, and let her use a bunch of my stamps. 

Sunday I woke up not feeling very well.  There is a bug going around here in the MTC.  I received a blessing to help me feel better and it was amazing.  Love these Elders so much in my district. They are awesome young men.  I went to Sac. Mtg. and afterwards Bro. Hansen asked me and Elder Cordon to stay afterwards because he needed to talk to us.  I was kind of nervous.  But, it turns out that we were asked to give the opening and closing prayers in the Devotional next Sunday.  So I will be giving the closing prayer in the Devotional on Sunday which will be viewed by thousands of missionaries.  I am SOOO excited!  I get to sit on the stand, and who knows, maybe I will get to shake the hand of a general authority.  I will let you know how it goes. 

Monday was service day and I was ablel to clean the drinking fountains and empty all the trash cans.  Not as humorous as last week with the backpack vac, but it was still good.  We also say AYO AYO to the Sister training leaders, district leaders, and their districts.  They left for their respective missions, Bacolod, Iloilo, and CEBU East at 3 O'clock in the morning!!! 

Tuesday I received another pkg.  MOM, you are TOOOO good to me!  Everything is hanging up and I loved the article.  Thank you so much!  I also read the letter you wrote me when I left all the time.  It is so special to me, so thank you again!!  I received a card from Gram too!  Gram, you letters always make me laugh and smile.  I LOVE YOU!!  Also, this is BIG,,,,,,I said my first full  prayer in Cebuano!!  I CRIED!!  I Did It!!  Even though it is a slow progression, I think I am starting to get it.  Brother Harris has said all along, that he is confident in my ability to learn the language.  We were sitting in class, and I said the prayer, and he just looks at me like, "See, I told you could do it, Sister Harris."  So, since Thursday, I have been trying to say all my prayers in Cebuano.  Or as much of them as I can.  It's a huge blessing.  We also had a Devotional by Elder Martino of the 70.  I will send you my notes from his talk. 

Wednesday, yesterday was so flippin' crazy!  I don't  think I have told you this before but there are a lot of Filipinos here who are getting ready to serve stateside.  They LOVE us, and they tell me I am pretty even with a pony tail, and looking exhausted.  It is definately a confidence booster!  So this one Sister comes up to me in the breakfast line and stands SUPER close to me, but doesn't say anything.  So I said hi to her and she responds.  We find out she is from Manila, and she remembers meeting me before.  But I have never met her????  How she remembers me, I don't know, because I don't remember her at all.  But, she wanted me to practice my Cebuano on her and see if she could understand it.  So, I just say the first thing I can think of which is kitakits (tomorrow)  so the Sister responds Kitakits tomorrow and just walks away from me.  I think she thought I was trying to say goodbye to her, but I wasn't. Too funny. 

We also gained a new district in our zone.  Six Sisters and ONE Elder, Poor Elder!! Too funny!

Sounds like Nicole Flamm's farewell was awesome.  She will LOVE being a missionary.  I love it for sure and I have only been here for two weeks. 

I have received some gems of letters from Angela Stander.  Oh how I love her!!  It's so great to hear from someone who has been here and can relate.  Oh, how I love that family!!!  Please tell them for me.

Please tell Trisha's entire family thank you for writing me.  Those letters were funny and cute, especially Tylers!!

So funny about selling my car, thank you so much cleaning it out for me!!  I hope you are receiving lots of blessing for cleaning my car out of me.  I wanted to do it, but I didn't get it done. ROOM, or my BATHROOM!  MOM, I am sooo sorry!!  If it makes you feel better, I make my bed everyday here in the MTC.  Who is this girl, and where did Joslyn go!!??  :)

MOM, if you ever want to do an Activity Day on missionary work, or the life of a missionary, let me know and I will help you out. 

Well, that is all that I have time for, but  I love you.  I am going to send a TON of pics, so get ready.  LOVE YOU!!!
Gugma ug Kitakits,
Sister Joslyn Harris

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