Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 1 Down....Yahoo!!

Kamusta pamilya!!

Well, I've made it to my week + a day mark here in the MTC!  We've gone as long as a missionary can possibly go without a pday, and it's definately NEEDED!!

The MTC is great!  I am getting into a much better schedule of being here.  I am starting to really like it here. 

Mom, You asked what I would want in a pkg??  That is so nice of you!  Any little snacks are maayo kaayo (very good) I would like that big box of cheezits if possible, maybe some nuts, pretzels.  Just something to munch know what I like.  :) 

So, Wed. after you dropped me off, those two Elders took me away and I got to know them a little.  They are both learning mandarin Chinese going to Manchester England and Taichung Taiwan.  They were super nice to me.  I walked down a long hallway by myself where I got my name tag (Coolest thing EVER!) and some other things like my keys, language books, etc.  Then a senior sister missionary came up to us and wanted to find a set of sisters to escort me.  So we began walking down the hall to our class room, when two other sister missionaries were walking towards us comming down the hall.  Little did I know, that these two sisters would be my angels!!!  They have been here for me every single day.  Each evening we meet up and talk about our day.  I know we will all be life long friends.  I love them so much.  They are both headed to Brazil but are waiting for their visa's.  I truly feel like the were supposed to be here for me. 

So, after they helped me drop my stuff off in my room, I headed to class where I met my instructor.  The first two days, he only spoke Cebuano to us.  That was CRAZY!  I have only been here eight days, but I feel like I can understand a lot more in class.  It's total language immersion here.  We rarely speak English...EVER!!!   I already know how to say a simple prayer and bear my testimony in Cebuano!!!  MIRACLE!!  The gift of tongues is so real. 

Another thing that is super neat is that we have already finished teaching our first investigator.  His name is Epifanio and he is from Riverton UT.  We taught him a lot about eternal families, and I was able to show him and share with him my little photo book of our family that I brought.  He LOVED it and I was able to teach him how to pray.  He even prayed for the sister missionaries.  How sweet!!

Sunday was amazing!!!  I don't know what it is, but the saying, "If you can only make it to Sunday" is so true!!  Our speakers at the Sunday night devotional were the prior Philippines MTC president and his wife.  I cried the whole time!  They spoke about the people of the Philippines, and showed us lots of pictures of children, parents, and families.  I kept thinking how neat it is that I get to share the gospel with such wonderful people.  Me, Sister Harris in her broken Cebuano has been chosen to teach and bring them the gospel.  How neat is that!!!??

Monday, I had my first Dr. Pepper, caffeine free of course!  and it just wasn't the same.  I miss my Dirty Dr. Pepper's from Warrens.  :)  We also get to do a service project on Mondays.  I strapped on a backpack vac and was able to vaccuum every stair in the building. It was pretty funn, and I looked pretty funny too!  I kept thinking how you would all be laughing at me, but I did a good job and I sang songs in my head to make it fun. 

Also, there is a rumor that we will be singing in the RS meeting for general conference, so keep your eye out of me.  We have been having choir practice. 

Now, to answer your questions,
I live in 17M and my classroom is 7M.  Our dorm is very nice and I like it a lot!!
Our district is composed of 10 elders and sisters.
The food is hit or miss.  It's ok for cafeteria food, but MOM, I sure loved your cooking and now I really LOVE your cooking.
The schedule we keep is great!  I love it!  I will take a pic of it for you so you can see what I do.
All of the sisters in our district in my room.  MOM, please if you could, could you please write to a dear sister in our room. . She is from the Marshall Islands and she lost her mom earlier in the year, and she has not received one letter.  The other night, she climbed in bed, and cried and sobbed herself to sleep because she has received no mail.  It broke my heart.  Please, if you could just dearelder her.  It doesn't have to be each day, but maybe a few times a week. PLEASE, it would help her out so much.  She came with only a small bag that weighed 20 lbs and nothing else.  The MTC has been great to get her the things she will need for her mission.  She is wonderful, and so sweet.  I sure love her. 
Firesides/Talks are great!!
New friends....I have met so MANY!!  from elders to sisters.   For sure life long friends.  I love them all!!
WEll, that is about it for now.  Know that I am doing well.  I feel your prayers and love.  I love you all so much, and I pray for you everyday several times a day!!!

Nasayud ko nga, tinuod ang simbahan, propeta si Thomas S. Monson.  Naikaila ang Dios kanato ug gihigugma kito sa dios.  Imporante ang Basahon ni Mormon. Sa ngalan ni Jesukristo , Amen

Stay strong, read the Book of Mormon everyday, and pray always!  I am always with you, just not in person,  "Always near, never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart." 

Sis. Joslyn Harris 

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  1. Hi Sis Harris' Mom!
    It's Sis Heimuli's Mom - I am sure enjoying reading Joslyn's blog and can't believe it was only 4 months ago we met in the Bountiful Temple and now our daughters are both in the MTC. Hey, I was reading about the sister in her room who needs letters. My nephew who lives in Ogden served in the Marshall Islands so, of course, speaks Marshallese, and he may know her family as he was AP in the mission. If you could send me her name and MTC address, I will have my nepheew write her a letter and try to cheer her up.

    Pania Heimuli